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Make the world a freer place while generating yield and liquidity. Simply hold Freemoon in your wallet and you will get more.

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to free Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks, an international non-profit organization that publishes news leaks and classified media provided by anonymous sources. Ross Ulbricht created the first darknet market, the Silk Road, as an exercise in free market capitalism, a website where users were free to post and buy whatever they felt necessary so long as no party was being harmed. These pioneers who have fought for individual freedom, now need our help to be saved from unjust prosecution and sentencing. Join our fight and help raise funds for the legal defenses of Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht. Protect your rights and generate yield at the same time!

5% of every transaction is donated to the legal defenses of Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht

Tokens raised for freedom


Fight for Freedom

5% of every transaction is donated to the legal defenses of Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht.


Autonomous Yield

3% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to existing token holders via reflection.


Deflationary Supply

2% of every transaction is put back into the liquidity pool and LP tokens are burned, creating a deflationary supply.


Freemoon is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value.

Forever Deflationary Supply/Burn

We burned all of the developer and founder tokens after launch, 20% of the total supply, and sent it to a black hole address; as the address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens, thereby effectively removing them from circulation. There is no limit to the burn, the black hole will keep growing, increasing the scarcity of Freemoon.

  • 10%Transaction Fee
  • 5% Donated to Julian & Ross
  • 3% Redistributed to holders
  • 2% Added to liquidity pool & burned
... Holders
... Tokens Burned
... Liquidity Pool

Contract & Audit

Our smart contract on BSC: 0x0725384edd4637f7c26de9cd3c086c14071688d5.

Solidity.Finance Audit

Road Map

Road Map | Rocket
  • Protocol Initialized

    Design smart contracts, audit contracts and complete a fair token launch. Burn all founder and developer tokens. Begin a marketing campaign and integration into exchanges.

  • Free Exchange Launch

    Launch a DEX and yield farming protocol using Freemoon as the native yield reward token, the world's first deflationary yield reward token.

  • Cross-Chain Launch

    Support multiple chains including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche and others through cross-chain smart contract oracles to make Freemoon available for all.

  • To the Moon!

    Our community will do whatever it takes to achieve its mission of protecting individual freedom from tyranny. Our first goal is to free Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht; then we will right injustices around the world including Africa which our community will vote on.

Take off with us